After receiving a distress call as it was in use in the 22nd century, the Enterprise rescues 200 Bringloidi colonists, who are maintaining a very simple lifestyle, from a planet threatened by solar flares. The crew learns of a second group, the Mariposans who came from Earth together with the Bringloidi almost 300 years ago, but settled on a different planet.

The Mariposan colony entirely consists of clones of the five only people who survived the ship's crash landing. As the Mariposans suffer from replicative fading after several generations of clones, they need fresh DNA and clone Riker and Pulaski without their consent. The two officers are upset, and they decide to kill their clones. Picard finds a solution by bringing the two colonies together again: the Bringloidi with their diversity of DNA and the Mariposans with their advanced technology.

Errors and Explanations

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Incorrectly regarded as goofs

  1. If the Bringloidi have a primitive agrarian culture complete with spinning wheels and domesticated animals, they would appear not to be able to send a distress call to Earth. (IMDB) This is the way of life by choice. As their ancestors launched from Earth in 2123, together with the technologically versed Mariposan colonists, it stands to reason that they would at least have had or borrowed a distress beacon for the event of an emergency.

Revealing mistakes

  1. When transporting several Bringloidi and their animals and livestock from the planet surface, they appear on the transporter pad on the Enterprise standing atop a layer of hay. This is clearly a goof, in that when crew members transport up from the surface of a planet, they do not bring with them dirt, grass or the like that they were standing on during the transporter process. The loose hay could have been brought up in the Bringlodi's clothing.

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Changed Premesis

  1. Worf being able to order real alcohol from the replicator here, while Data has to go to Guinan's private supplies in Relics, as real alcohol can't be replicated on that occassion. Picard probably ordered the chage as a result of what happened in this episode.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. Promiscuity? Polygamy? Condoned by a society that is otherwise obsessed with keeping up a traditional Irish(-Catholic?!) lifestyle? Come on! It may have been necessary due to the limit numbers of people in the colony.
  2. "European Hegemony"? Would a union of European states really choose "hegemony" as a part of their official name? That's totally unthinkable. "Hegemony" means military or economic domination, and as such carries an extremely negative connotation. It probably started as a succesor to the European Economic Community!
  3. If the Mariposans need fresh blood, why don't they simply allow immigrants? They could pick the best ones, because that is what they really want and perhaps need. As Pulaski repeatedly states, cloning is not a viable method of reproduction, and getting additional clones will only postpone the problem. Where are these immigrants expected to come from?

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