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According to Memory Alpha's original in Universe Timeline, the story sequence is: The Omega Directive : Unforgettable : Valiant.


During a battle between cloaked ships, Voyager receives a distress call from one of the combatants. Chakotay beams aboard and rescues a woman, Kellin, who claims that she has met him before. She tells him that they fell in love with one another when she was aboard Voyager to find a stowaway. Kellin belongs to a secluded people, the Ramurans, who would not allow anyone to leave their society. It is her task as a "tracer" to apprehend such runaways. It is part of the Ramuran biology that other races can't remember them after a couple of hours, a trait that the Ramurans have perfected by developing technology to erase computer memories to the same end. Now Kellin has defected herself and is pursued by other tracers.

She and Chakotay fall in love again. When a tracer manages to board Voyager, he directs a weapon at Kellin that makes her forget everything about the outside world, including her feelings for Chakotay. On her explicit request, Chakotay tells Kellin about their relationship but she prefers to return to Ramura. Kellin and the other Ramuran eventually depart Voyager, telling Chakotay that it would be better if he just forgot about her. Chakotay wants to remember everything about this experience, and as they've loaded a virus into the computer which will erase all record of the aliens' existence and encounter with Voyager, he records events with an old-fashioned pen and paper.

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  1. PaulGolba on Sunday, February 21, 1999 - 9:02 am: At the end of the episode, Chakotay writes down on pencil and paper all the recent events that have happened so he doesn't forget. Why didn't he do this the last time? Or for that matter, why didn't the whole crew do this to make sure that they did not lose this knowledge? OK, maybe they didn't know about the virus so they assumed the logs would be enough. But doesn't the ship have some sort of backup system so that they don't lose important information like first contact? Guess not. So much for hard copies… Any back up copies would have been erased by the virus.

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