According to Memory Alpha's original in Universe Timeline, the story sequence is:
The Savage Curtain : Turnabout Intruder : All Our Yesterdays.
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The Empath : Turnabout Intruder : The Cage.


The Enterprise arrives at Camus II, where members of an archeological team have died of an allegedly unknown radiation. While his people investigate the site, Kirk stays at the bed of the ill Dr. Janice Lester, with whom he was once in love. Lester, however, activates an ancient machine that transfers her consciousness into Kirk's body and vice versa. Lester-Kirk is beamed up to the Enterprise with her accomplice, Arthur Coleman, the unconscious body of Kirk-Lester and the unsuspecting landing party.

Lester-Kirk and Coleman are waiting for an opportunity to kill Kirk-Lester. But Kirk-Lester regains his consciousness. Spock performs a mind-meld, which convinces him that the person with Lester's body really is Captain Kirk, whereas McCoy finds no evidence that there could be something wrong with the man who appears to be Kirk. Lester-Kirk orders a court martial against Spock, but when McCoy and Scott decide to vote for Spock, she orders their execution. Eventually, however, the emotional stress in her mind reverts the exchange.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers

Plot Oversights

  1. How is Lester-in-Kirk supposed to open the safe in Kirk's quarters? There's no indication that the transference allowed Lester to access any of the real kirk's memories. Just because there is no indication, doesn't mean it didn't happen!
  2. During Spock's court martial, McCoy states that the psychological test he performed on Lester-in-Kirk showed an emotional state comparable to that of Kirk's when he first took command of the Enterprise. Either Kirk was having a really bad day when he assumed command, or the test isn't worth much. It could be that Lester could be good at controlling her true emotional state, combined with the fact that assuming command of a starship is bound to be an emotional event.
  3. Spock claims that complete entity transfer has never been accomplished with complete success anywhere in the galaxy. Don't the transfers in Return to Tomorrow qualify? Spock said with complete success. The transfers in Return to Tomorrow ultimately failed because Henoch altered the stabilisation formula.
  4. Kirk-in-Lester misses the obvious method for proving to Spock who she is, by citing instances that are part of public record, instead of mentioning 'Pon Farr' Kirk assured Spock of his silence on the subject in Amok Time.
  5. The security guards failing to turn on Lester-in-Kirk when he illegally orders the execution of the senior staff. Either they assume Kirk knows something they don't, or are afraid to go against the captain in case they are charged with aiding a mutiny.

Continuity and Production Problems

  1. Nurse Chapel being a brunette instead of a blond. Women do change their hair colour!.

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  1. After Dr. Lester, in Kirk's body, first arrives on the bridge and starts issuing orders, a wide shot of the bridge clearly shows a crewman other than Chekov at the navigator station. At the tail end of this shot, Lester-in-Kirk specifically addresses his order to Chekov. In the very next shot Chekov is suddenly at the navigator station to hear the rest of Lester-in-Kirk's order. Perhaps Chekov managed to replace the other crewman without anyone noticing?

Nit Central

  1. D.K. Henderson on Saturday, December 26, 1998 - 5:34 am: I know that they're not canon, but in Alan Dean Foster's novelization of Slaver Weapon, he points out how awkward it would be for someone to suddenly be in another person's body, ESPECIALLY one of a different gender. The musculature would be different, the center of gravity would be different, and the hormones would be different. In the novel, they were all stumbling around for some time before adjusting. Janice and Kirk seem to have no trouble at all. Kirk, especially, should have fallen flat on his face when he leaped out of bed, being totally unaware of the change. The operating program for the transfer device would obviously be designed to make the necessary adjustments during the transfer.
  2. Why would they have breakable glasses in Sickbay? Seems like plastic would be more practical. What about medicinal combinations that require heating as part of the preperation?

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