The Enterprise salvages a Starfleet shuttlepod, aboard which a comatose second Picard is found. The records from the shuttlepod reveal that it was launched from the Enterprise six hours into the future, and that the Enterprise was subsequently destroyed with all hands in a giant vortex. As the time of his departure approaches, the second Picard slowly recovers.

The vortex appears as predicted, and the "present" Picard orders to hold position. Energy bolts attack Picard, insinuating that there is an intelligence urging him to leave the ship. When his double tries to leave the ship for exactly this reason, repeating what he already did, Picard decides his departure will only perpetuate the cycle and shoots him with a phaser. He then orders a full-speed course directly into the vortex, upon which the shuttle and his future self disappear and everything is back to normal.

Errors and explanations

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Character error

  1. In the opening scene, crew members gather as Riker is cooking eggs. Dr. Pulaski brings a bottle of special ale as a gift, telling Riker that "your omelets deserve no less"; yet, moments later, when Riker serves the crew members, he clearly serves them scrambled eggs, not omelets. Riker was attempting to make omelets, but they came out wrong.


  1. When Picard leaves the bridge to go to see his duplicate in sick bay, Picard leaves first, then Troi follows him. By the time Picard reaches sick bay Troi is already there. Troi may have travelled ahead.

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  1. Keith Alan Morgan on Friday, April 23, 1999 - 07:34 am: They are receiving the automated beacon of a shuttlecraft, but they cannot communicate with it because the shuttle is powerless. Well, why can't the communicators be fitted with the same power source as the automated beacon? Exactly what do they use to power these things anyway? These things are designed to travel through space so wouldn't it be sensible to equip them with batteries that can be recharged from stellar radiation? The automated beacon may be better protected from damage than the communication system.

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