The station is hosting a conference on a conflict between the Paqu and the Navot on Bajor that has broken out because the Cardassians redirected a river that was laid down as the border between the two. The leader of the Paqu is Varis Sul, a teenage girl that catches Nog's attention. He and Jake befriend the girl and contribute their share to the solution, which keeps the border as it is but allows the Paqu, who would otherwise be cut off, free access to the river. Meanwhile, Dr. Bashir and Chief O'Brien have been sent to Bajor for a medical emergency. The two discover that an entity composed of energy periodically attacks the village, and does so while the pair are there. Aiding the dying sirah, a "storyteller", O'Brien helps back away the strange phenomenon the locals call "Dal'Rok". After saving the village the locals proclaim O'Brien as their new sirah, angering Hovath, the old sirah's apprentice. The Dal'Rok is in reality a manifestation of the village's anger and can be defeated only with unanimity. When O'Brien fails during another attack of the Dal'Rok, the young Hovath, who was always meant to be the successor but lacked the necessary determination so far, successfully takes over the task.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpickers Guide for Deep Space Nine Trekkers

Changed Premesis

  1. Change in Odo’s regeneration cycle, from 18 hours - as stated in A Man Alone - to 16 hours – as revealed by Jake in this episode, and confirmed by Odo in The Forsaken. This could be due to additional pressure, caused by the increase in visitor numbers following news spreading about the wormhole.

Nit Central

  1. Keith Alan Morgan (Kmorgan) on Sunday, September 10, 2000 - 1:42 am: 90 years earlier an agreement was made designating the river as the dividing line between their regions, but no one thought to make a provision for the river changing its course? First of all, there are natural conditions and disasters that can and have changed the course of mighty rivers. Secondly, I believe the ancient Greeks could change the course of rivers. As I understand it, it is not that difficult a feat of engineering. So were the people who created the agreement just a couple of idiots? (Maybe they're related to the idiots who forbid the Federation from developing cloaking technology and the morons who created a demilitarized zone with inhabited planets in it?) Maybe they didn’t foresee the course of the river being so dramatically changed when the agreement was drawn up.

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