Riker beams up a hull fragment of a 21st-century NASA spacecraft in orbit of the hostile planet Theta 116 XIII. He then beams down with Worf and Data to a structure in a bubble of breathable air, where they get trapped in a soap opera about love, jealousy, greed and crime set in a casino resort called "Hotel Royale". They find the remains of one of the NASA astronauts in a suite, along with a book entitled "Hotel Royale". Obviously aliens accidentally infected his spaceship, which killed the rest of the crew. As a compensation, they recreated the setting as described in the book, not aware that it was just pulp and did not describe real life on Earth. In order to escape from the simulation, Riker, Worf and Data play it according to the book's ending. They break the bank and buy the hotel.

Errors and Explanations

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Revealing mistakes

  1. When Commander Riker leaves the elevator in the Hotel Royale by himself, the door quickly opens and immediately closes after he steps out. Since the story of The Hotel Royale takes place in the 20th century, there are no hotel elevators whose doors would open and close so quickly. This could be a side effect of the alien recreation.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. I wonder why Riker, Worf and even Data are so astonished that the characters in the hotel are unreal. Would they expect a real hotel with real people to exist on that hostile planet, and have they never heard of holograms? There was presumably nothing to indocate the use of holotechnology.
  2. Another question is why they don't try to leave the hotel as soon as they lose contact with the ship. Riker says that there is no danger but the least they could try is to walk out through the door to see if they can contact the ship from there. They probably wanted to gather more info first.
  3. The ultimate question, however, is how the aliens could know how the hotel looked like - considering that all they had was the text of the book. The book could have included descriptions of the interior.

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