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The Enterprise is ordered to rendezvous with a special emissary, who travels in a modified probe to save time. The half-human and half-Klingon emissary K'Ehleyr is on a mission to stop an old Klingon sleeper ship whose crew is not aware of the Klingon-Federation alliance in the 24th century.

She turns out to be a former love of Worf's. Worf is reluctant at first, but the two surrender to their passion after a holodeck battle simulation. K'Ehleyr, however, refuses Worf's traditional marriage proposal. When the crew of the old Klingon cruiser awakens and the alternative would be to destroy the ship full of warriors who were raised to hate the Federation, Worf and K'Ehleyr act as the Enterprise's highest ranking officers, thereby suggesting that the Klingon Empire is the dominating force.

Errors and Explanations

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Revealing mistakes

  1. When K'Ehleyr asks the computer to list the holodeck calisthenics programs, it shows the list and highlights Worf's program before she tells it to. The holodeck computer may be programmed to highlight active programmes as a safety measure.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. Picard ordered the Enterprise to ‘overtake’ the Klingon vessel in order to force it to decloak and drop to warp – with space being so large and three dimensional couldn’t the Klingons choose another route, or move around the Enterprise? It's not as if the Enterprise is blocking the way in front like a fallen tree on a road. Firing on it with a low yield torpedo similar to Data's in "Redemption, Part II" would have exposed the ship and shown that confrontation was futile. That would have trigged an aggressive response from the Klingons, which is precisely what Picard is trying to avoid!
  2. Alternative strategy: Since the ship could be located through the cloak, Picard could have beamed the Klingons aboard in suspended animation (or suspended in the pattern buffer until the contemporary Klingon ship arrived). Assuming the transporter beam could penetrate any shields to get a good enough lock!

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