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The Enterprise takes Salia, the future leader of Daled IV, and her guardian Anya back to their planet. Wesley gets romantically involved with the young girl, but Anya strives to protect Salia from every potential danger and keeps her confined to her quarters.

During a tour of the ship Anya turns out to be an allassomorph, a shapeshifter. When Salia secretly visits Wesley in his quarters, Anya morphs into a ferocious creature and threatens Wesley, whereupon Salia changes her shape too to defend him. Wesley is horrified at first but then overcomes his fears and gives Salia a proper goodbye when she leaves the ship.

Errors and Explanations

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Factual errors

  1. Salia warns Wesley that his magnet can pull the iron out of his blood. Magnetic fields only effect iron in a body-centered cubic structure (metallic iron and steel below 910 C or ~1660 F). The iron in hemoglobin does not have this crystal structure and is not effected by magnetic fields. Perhaps she assumes that magnetic fields have this effect on all iron.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. Well, no one states explicitly that Anya is the first shapeshifter ever encountered by Starfleet, so this is not a hard continuity error. But Pulaski says that she read about alassomorphs in the Galactic Zoological Catalog, rather than referring to the Chameloids (Martia) or the Antosians (who taught Garth shapeshifting), who are both known to Starfleet. Alassomorphs may be a generic term that already includes the two TOS races.
  2. While the warp drive is still offline, why would Picard even bother to order to break orbit? Maybe he want's to minimise any delay, by having repairs to the warp drive carried out en route.

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