Dr. Mora Pol, the scientist who took care of Odo after he was found (and the prototype for the shapeshifter's hairstyle), visits the station with a possible clue to Odo's origin. Odo, Mora, Dax and the Mora's assistant Dr. Weld take a runabout to a planet in the Gamma Quadrant where they locate a tiny lifeform that may be related to Odo. But then poisonous volcanic gases erupt, and only the seemingly unaffected Odo can save the rest of the away team. Back on Deep Space 9, the three injured scientists are taken to the infirmary. O'Brien carries on with the studies but then the science lab in which he keeps the lifeform is demolished, apparently by the lifeform itself which is missing. But a more detailed analysis of Dr. Mora comes to the conclusion that Odo must be the culprit. The security chief doesn't believe his mentor until he morphs into the violent creature. Shutting off the power on the station, the crew manages to capture Odo in a forcefield and remove the traces of the detrimental gas from his substance.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpickers Guide for Deep Space Nine Trekkers

Plot Oversights

  1. The episode piqued my interest in Federation archaeological policies concerning once-inhabited worlds. Dax, Odo, Mora, and Weld beam down to the remains of a village. A large stone monolith stands near the center of the ruins. Dax thinks it looks interesting, so she beams it back to the runabout. Obviously there isn't any law against doing this, but this type of pilfering must drive archaeologists nuts. Perhaps they plan to donate it to a museum once the investigation is over.

Changed Premises

  1. At the beginning of the episode one might make the case that Odo is using pretense as he talks with Quark about his interest in death rituals. The entire conversation seems to be a ruse to draw out the truth that the pieces of Piegg that Quark is selling aren't realIy Plegg because Plegg is still alive. Of course, Odo can't be using pretense because, according to Past Prologue, Odo never uses pretense. He may have decided to develop the skill to aid his work.
  2. Evidently Nog really is back in school. In 'The Nagus," Rom pulled him out. Then in 'The Siege," Nog assures Jake that they'll soon be back together as they bid each other good- bye during the evacuation of the station. Now in this episode, Jake and Nog are studying for the same test. Keiko may have convinced Rom to allow Nog to continue his education.

Nit Central

  1. Keith Alan Morgan (Kmorgan) on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 2:34 am: Odo mentions Humanoid death rituals and considers Ferengi to be Humanoids, but are Ferengi really Humanoids or should they be considered Hominids? (Apes & gorillas are Hominids and they are more closely related to us than people from other planets. Even with the genetic tampering revealed in The Chase.) Joel Croteau (Jcroteau) on Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 9:55 pm: Humanoid does seem to be the common term for human-like sentients.
  2. Dr. Mora mentions that Odo is still having trouble with ears. About a week or two before I nitpicked this episode, I read in a trivia column that said what we usually call ears aren't really ears. I forget the technical name, but it mentioned that ears are actually inside the head. Chris Thomas on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 12:35 am: You mention "what we usually call ears". Maybe Dr Mora is doing exactly the same thing, using the commonly accepted name, even if technically incorrect?
  3. If planet LS6 is only 6 light years from the wormhole, then why hasn't anyone examined it before? Perhaps it is located ‘behind’ the mouth of the wormhole.
  4. The justification for beaming the obelisk off the planet is that they may be able to translate the symbols. I only remember seeing a couple of symbols on the obelisk. Not enough to get a translation from. Also why not just run a tricorder over it instead? A tricorder scan may not provide as much detail as the scanning equipment on DS9.
  5. John A. Lang on Sunday, September 05, 2004 - 7:39 pm: Why doesn't Dr. Mora wear a Bajoran earring? Thande on Tuesday, November 30, 2004 - 7:22 am: That would explain why he swears "Dear God, what have I done!" instead of by the Prophets...he's a convert to some other religion! Seniram He could have chosen to forgo religion!
  6. By D.K. Henderson on Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - 8:26 am: After the alien life form escapes into the conduits, O'Brien goes tracking it. He bumps into an overhead watchamacallit and some goo (which looks a bit like Odo, actually) starts dripping down. O'Brien immediately announces that the thing is dead. That was rather presumptuous of him. Afterwards, Julian and Dax are examining the remains and discussing why it died. And yet...everyone still acts as though they think something is crawling around the conduits! Shouldn't they have thought that the danger was over? After Julian was attacked - in a scene straight out of those old monster movies - they knew for certain that "something" was up there, but I didn't hear anyone say anything to the effect of, "But how? The thing is dead!" Maybe they think there could be more than one hostile life form around.

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