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The USS Cerritos was en route to Cardassia Prime for peace negotiations, but is withdrawn from the mission because the conference has been moved to Vulcan. Captain Freeman is angry about the low reputation of her ship. When she learns from Boimler that the crew enjoys "buffer time" between their tasks, she orders a strict schedule for all work on the ship that causes everyone to become exhausted and inattentive - except for Boimler, who enjoys this situation. When an away team with Ransom and Mariner arrives on Gelrak V to deliver a crystal of peace, it turns out that this precious item was accidentally swapped for a piece of wood, a fertility totem meant for Mavok Prime.

The insulted Gelrakians take the away team prisoners. They expect Ransom to choose one of his people to fight to the death against the apparently extremely strong Vindor. Ransom does not want to let Mariner fight, so he stabs her foot with a spear. Meanwhile in orbit, the Gelrakians have invaded the Cerritos, but they face no resistance as Freeman has ordered the crew to stay on schedule no matter what. Only Boimler recognizes the problem and convinces Freeman to loosen her grip.

The crew successfully drive the invaders off the ship. On Gelrak, Ransom defeats his opponent while offering a diplomatic solution. Mariner says she wouldn't report the incident with the spear, which would mean a court martial for Ransom, upon which he throws her into the brig. Captain Freeman is so grateful for Boimler's advice that she officially names it the "Boimler Effect" - which makes Boimler unhappy because he doesn't want to be associated with the idea of not following the rules - an accomplishment that will still be remembered in the far future.

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  1. Francois Lacombe (Franc0is) on Friday, August 21, 2020 - 11:01 am: When the Gelrakians turn hostile, why didn't the away team take refuge in the shuttle, or signal the ship for an emergency beam out? M Crane (Mcrane) on Friday, August 21, 2020 - 1:03 pm: It looked like a whole bunch of those spears landed between them and the shuttle. It would have taken precious seconds to weave through them in a spot that was obviously easy to target. As for them not getting beamed out, that is a little less clear... Maybe another sign of Ransom's stubborn nature and arrogant self-confidence in assuming he could solve the situation with the right speech?
  2. Commander Ranson was worried that Mariner would report him for stabbing her in the foot, a court martial offence. When she declined to do so, he still had her thrown in the brig for ignoring his order to roll down her sleeves. That was rather clumsy of him, Mariner still had the option to change her mind and report the stabbing. He obviously regarded that as a justifiable risk!

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