Janeway is about to purchase an impressive weapon, an isokinetic cannon, from Kovin, an Entharan arms dealer. Kovin agrees to stay aboard for some adjustments to Voyager's systems. When Seven of Nine works with him, she feels uneasy and suddenly knocks him down. The Doctor suspects that Seven has a suppressed memory and begins a regression therapy with her. According to her now resurfacing memories, Kovin rendered her unconscious with a weapon and restrained her to a table to extract Borg nanoprobes from her body. Kovin is upset about the allegations. He says that Seven was struck when the power cell of the weapon overloaded by accident. But he allows a team led by Tuvok to investigate his lab.

Tuvok finds evidence in support of Seven's claims in the form of nanoprobes that were activated on purpose. Yet, the same could have been triggered by the overload of the weapon. Most likely Seven's specific memory about being mistreated by Kovin is actually an expression of a more general trauma of her life as a Borg, which the encounter with Kovin triggered only accidentally. In the meantime, Kovin has escaped from the planet on his ship. When he attacks Voyager, his weapon systems overload and his ship explodes. Seven experiences remorse, as does the Doctor. Believing that his overzealous enthusiasm for expanding his program resulted in the tragedy, he requests permission to delete everything except his original activation program, but he is denied.

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  1. Mark Swinton on Saturday, October 23, 1999 - 1:46 pm: An alien species right in the middle of Hirogen territory?? Wouldn't they all have been hunted down, or are their weapons experts able to fend off the Hirogen? I am certain a few Hirogen would indeed have made this episode more interesting. Maybe The Hirogen tried to overcome the Entharans in the past, only to find them too much of a handful!
  2. Keith Alan Morgan (Kmorgan) on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 5:35 am: My nephew, Jon, wondered why they couldn't check the mechanical parts of Seven of Nine to find a recording of what really happened. The Borg modification that can do that may have been among the 82 % of Borg Hardwhere removed by the Doctor around the time of Kes’s departure.
  3. When Kovan is escaping, my nephew wondered why they just didn't beam Kovan aboard instead of trying to lock on to his ship with a tractor beam. inblackestnight on Saturday, March 03, 2007 - 3:57 pm: They tried to beam Kovan aboard but he was using a scattering field to prevent transport.

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