According to Memory Alpha's original in Universe Timeline, the story sequence is: Year of Hell Part 1 : Random Thoughts : Concerning Flight.


Some members of Voyager's crew spend time on the Mari homeworld. The Mari are a telepathic species and seem to have left behind their former aggressions. Crime practically doesn't exist, as Chief Examiner Nimira tells Tuvok. While negotiating on a Mari market with a man named Guill, another Mari bumps into B'Elanna. She is annoyed for a split second but recognizes that it must have been by accident. A bit later, the away team witness a violent attack on the market. The attacker is named Frane. He is the one who bumped into B'Elanna. Nimira surprisingly arrests B'Elanna for transferring her aggressive thoughts to Frane and sentences her to an engrammatic purge. Janeway and Tuvok have one day to find exonerating evidence.

They discover that Frane was involved in previous offenses involving violent thoughts but was released as cured each time, which under Mari laws does not ease B'Elanna's guilt. On the Mari market, an old woman kills Talli, the woman Neelix was going to date, for no apparent reason. Nimira asks for Tuvok's help in the investigation of the homicide. Tuvok mind-melds with B'Elanna, and he becomes aware of a new suspect: Guill. He may have probed B'Elanna's mind to obtain her thoughts. Tuvok follows Guill and finds a black market for violent emotions. He agrees to sharing his thoughts with Guill and overwhelms the man with his mental powers. In light of the new evidence that she was probed against her will, Nimira agrees to stop the engrammatic purge on B'Elanna that has already started. Nimira herself is shocked to find that all thoughts of violence have not disappeared from her people.

Later at the end of the episode, Seven of Nine urges the Captain not to visit these foreign worlds to avoid such dangerous complications in the future. Janeway, however, turns down her suggestion and remarks that Voyager was built for the purpose of human exploration, and that the crew will continue to visit new worlds and take in new experiences because this was a part of the ship's mission.

Errors and Explanations

Nit Central

  1. DonnaL on Saturday, June 10, 2000 - 8:17 pm: When the telepath asks Tuvok why he talks, Tuvok says he's not around that many telepaths. I thought the Vulcan philosophy/discipline was to not read minds (except in specific personal or ritual settings). Dusk on Sunday, June 11, 2000 - 1:48 am:Talking telepathically doesn't require delving into someone else's head. Thoughts are broadcast - essentially, put out for anyone with the right receiver (ie, another telepath) to read. Of course, it is possible that Vulcan telepathy differs from the kind the rest of the galaxy has :-) But that would only complicate matters, and TPTB has never hinted, as far as I recall, that Vulcan abilities aren't the standard model.... Seniram 12:01, February 8, 2018 (UTC) In any case, most races use verbal communication.
  2. It's a little hard to believe that with all the underground trafficking in violent thoughts, that this was the first violent outbreak. They wern’t prepared for the strength of the emotive thoughts from Torres.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. You can buy just everything on the Mari market: fruit, vegetables, resonator coils. Lots of markest sell hardware style items.
  2. Talking to Nimira, Tuvok insinuates that he would usually communicate telepathically if it were not for the many non-telepaths in Starfleet. But Vulcans were never known to use telepathic communication among their own species, although they may be capable of it. Well, Tuvok is just speaking of himself and he may have had special training. Or they reserve it for ceremonial purposes.


  1. This stardate would put the episode in between the previous two-parter episodes, Year of Hell Part 1 (stardate 51268.4) and Year of Hell Part 2 (stardate 51425.4). Due to the fact that the timeline after Year of Hell Part 2 is restored to the beginning of the episode Year of Hell Part 1, it can be assumed that this episode, as well as the following (Concerning Flight (stardate 51386.4)), took place instead of the events seen in Year of Hell at the dates given.

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