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Angry about being denied a crew post, Q hurls the ship 7000 light-years away into unknown space where they encounter a new enemy - the Borg. It becomes obvious that the Borg were responsible for the destruction of the outposts along the Neutral Zone - as well as of Guinan's homeworld a hundred years ago. The Enterprise is intercepted by a huge cube-shaped Borg vessel.

A Borg beams onto the Enterprise. Worf has to adjust the phaser to maximum and kills the Borg, but a second one appears with a shield that is impervious to his phaser. Eighteen of the crew are killed when the Borg cut out a piece of the hull. The Enterprise manages to damage the cube and beam over an away team to examine the humanoid-cybernetic species, but the cube begins to regenerate quickly and resumes the fight. When the shields are down and the situation becomes hopeless, Picard asks Q to take the ship back to Federation space.

Errors and Explanations

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Incorrectly regarded as goofs

  1. As Guinan warns Picard to protect the Enterprise from the Borg, Picard orders the shields raised. Moments later, even though the shields are active, the Borg beam over. (IMDB) Considering that they are technologically much more advanced, it is conceivable that they may have found a way to transport through shields.
  2. After the Borg take the Enterprise's shields down with their shield-draining weapon, they fire one more time. Once again, it appears to hit the shields around the Enterprise, even though they're supposed to be down. The fact that this shot disabled the warp engines with no damage to the ship, indicates that those "shields" were actually the warp field. (IMDB) Numerous appearances of warp fields throughout the series show that they do have roughly the same ellipsoid shape as the shields. Although normally a warp field isn't supposed to glow under fire like the shields do, the Borg torpedo, unlike other energy weapons, was obviously designed to impact the warp field, thus creating a similar glowing effect.

Plot holes

  1. Geordi questions whether food should be eaten around the engineering controls, but there is a food dispenser in the middle of the room. Also, the controls are sealed shut. There may be standing orders prohibitibg the consumption of food and drink in certain sections of the room, similar to the 'no food and drink near computers' rule enforced in public libraries.
  2. Data says that the damage done to a planet is identical to the destruction of the Federation outposts in Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Neutral Zone, implying that the Borg were responsible. This means that the Borg already know about the Federation, which seems to contradict Guinan's warning that the Borg will attack, now that they know about the Federation. Even if the outposts were too small to get the interest of the Borg, the Borg would have likely assimilated the people living at the outpost and thus their knowledge. Even if they didn't the outposts would have contained hints that they were part of a much larger and highly advanced civilization. Due to the fact that the Borg attacked both Romulan and Federation outposts they would also have learned that they were dealing with two separate cultures on less than friendly terms with each other. The Borg ship that presumably destroyed the outposts may have been on a reconnaissance mission, before returning to the Delta Quadrant, in order to allow the Collective to analyse the results.

Revealing mistakes

  1. When Guinan touches a panel to bring up the image of the Borg Cube on the screen in her office, she never actually touches the panel, and yet the screen comes on anyway. This could be due to the presence of an advanced motion sensor system in the panel, which identified the area she was intending to press, thus allowing the computer to fufill the required function.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. When Riker is on the Borg ship and sees that the crew is alive, he reports to Picard, "Our readings were incorrect. The Borg crew survived." But this makes no sense, considering that the Enterprise didn't detect any lifesigns on the Borg vessel even before the combat. Perhaps the Enterprise D's sensors were not advanced to detect the life signs of individual drones, which those on the Enterprise E were able to do, following study of Borg tech in the interveaning period.

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