As a test of his leadership skills, Wesley is ordered to assemble a team of older crewmates to investigate unusually strong geological activities on the planets in the Selcundi Drema sector. In the meantime Data, in defiance of the Prime Directive, has answered to a transmission from a girl named Sarjenka on the unstable planet Drema IV. Picard reluctantly agrees to help the girl and her civilization but orders Data to sever the contact.

Yet, when Sarjenka can't stay at home any longer Data eventually brings her aboard the Enterprise. Wesley and his team devise a plan to eliminate the tectonic stress in the dilithium deposits that are about to tear the planet apart. After they have succeeded, Picard has Dr. Pulaski erase all memories of Data and the ship from Sarjenka's brain.

Errors and Explanations

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Volume 2

Plot Oversights

  1. Picard taking the time to tie up his holodeck created horse, after receiving Riker's urgent call. This is most likely a habitual action on the part of the Captain.
  2. Pulaski apparantly monitoring the bridge, based on her response when Picard orders her to erase Sarjenka's memories. The Medical systems may be programmed to monitor key areas and crew members, to provide the medical staff with advance warning of possible casualties in certain situations.

Nit Central

  1. Keith Alan Morgan on Friday, April 23, 1999 - 07:50 am: Why didn't the Holodeck computer put the saddle on the horse instead of on the rail? It was most likely programmed this way so the rider would be in the habit of putting the saddle on themselves.
  2. Why do they even need to assign someone to head up a geological survey and choose people to do the work? Isn't exploring space one of their jobs? Shouldn't these people be already assigned and working on these jobs before they even get to this sector? Do these people just sit around playing on the Holodeck hoping nobody assigns them to a mission? Like Engineering or Sick Bay or Stellar Cartography, I would think that this would be a 'department' on the ship with someone already in charge of it. (Unless that person wanted to spend more time on the Holodeck and asked Riker to assign someone else?) More likely they are assigned to other tasks when not needed for survey work. In any case, Wes was put in charge as part of his pre Academy training. stephen on Sunday, May 12, 2002 - 1:39 pm:It's because many of the crewmembers are taking turns, learning about each other's disciplines, not only for a well-rounded education, but also just in case one specialist isn't available, another with almost as much experience, can take his/her place.
    Wesley also has the potential to learn lots of things, and someday might find his geological knowledge useful in solving some physics puzzle. ST novels by Reeves-Stevens have suggested that dilithium has atomic bonds which reach into the 4th dimension; it looks to us like quartz, but future technology will make it possible to distinguish between ordinary lithium and dilithium. So that's a physics feature Wesley would be interested in.
  3. Why would it take five hours to set up a scanner for Dilithium? Isn't dilithium one of the things that makes the ship work? Wouldn't any devices that can find things vital to keeping the ship up and running be a priority item and already installed and ready to work??? The various components may have been in storage, and only brought out when needed.

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