According to Memory Alpha's original in Universe Timeline, the story sequence is: Valiant : One : The Sound of Her Voice.


As Voyager approaches a Mutara-class nebula, the crew suddenly suffers heavy skin burns caused by subnucleonic radiation. One crew member dies. There is no other way but to reverse course. Going around the nebula would take more than a year, so Captain Janeway decides to put the crew into suspended animation for a trip right through the phenomenon. Besides the EMH, Seven of Nine is the only crew member that is apparently not affected by the radiation. She is ordered to monitor the lifesigns in the stasis chambers and to report to the Doctor. After almost a month, however, the ship's gel packs begin to malfunction, as well as the Doctor's mobile emitter. Seven is left on her own but soon hallucinates to be pursued by an alien intruder named Trajis. Only hours away from the far edge of the nebula, the engines are about to fail. Seven cuts power from some of the stasis chambers to save the rest of the crew but then decides to shut down life support on the ship, upon which she loses consciousness. Seven opens her eyes in sickbay and learns that the ship made it through the nebula, the Doctor came back online again and woke up the crew. Later, Seven observes Paris, Kim, and Torres at the mess hall. She asks to join them, feeling the need for companionship after her ordeal, and they invite her to sit down.

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  1. D. Stuart on Wednesday, November 10, 1999 - 1:55 pm: Paris is clearly established as dispreferring closed spaces. With this being said, how is it that he tolerates the confined space of the U. S. S. Voyager and his beloved flyer? margie on Thursday, November 11, 1999 - 6:21 am: Voyager and the Flyer are not that small. Sometimes there are certain things that trigger these fears. I'm claustrophobic (fearful of enclosed places), yet I can ride in a car (smaller than both Voyager & the Delta Flyer) and even travel through tunnels, although I have to close my eyes until we're out. However, I panic in an elevator. If I remember right, the stasis chamber was very confining. There was no room to move, and it looked a bit like a coffin. If anything was going to trigger Tom's fears, that would be it.

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