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While ferrying two Antedian delegates who are in stasis, Picard has the special honor to welcome Lwaxana Troi once again. As is this were not unpleasant enough, she is presently in her "phase", a midlife period in which her sexual instinct is quadrupled or more. While Picard is lucky to escape to his Dixon Hill holoprogram, Lwaxana goes looking for other "victims" among the crew.

She finally discovers the holodeck, where she mistakes bartender Rex, the only one who welcomes her advances, for a real person. Disappointed about the lack of passion on the ship, Lwaxana calms down again. She uses her telepathic abilities, and just when the Antedean delegates are going to be beamed to the conference, she casually points out that they are assassins.

Errors and Explanations

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Incorrectly regarded as goofs

  1. In The Big Goodbye, Picard coughed immediately after lighting a cigarette, a normal reaction for a non-smoker. This time he puffs away without any problem. (IMDB) This may merely be an indication that, after playing Dixon Hill in several (not shown) adventures, Picard has either gotten used to smoking, or at least learned how to puff a cigarette without inhaling the smoke, thus avoiding the coughing.
  2. If Lwaxana is a powerful telepath, then there is no need for Deanna Troi to have a conversation in the hallway when she and her mother could communicate by thought. (IMDB) She simply prefers this method of communication at times.
  3. Lwaxana says the Antedians' minds were easy to read. (IMDB) Their hibernation cycle at the beginning may have prevented her from sensing their malicious intentions early on.

Plot holes

  1. In the teaser, a small vessel transports Lwaxana Troi to the Enterprise. The normal course of action would be to bring the vessel into one of the shuttle bays, specially given both facts that she "hates" the sensations provoked by beaming up and that she "will never completely trust this [transporter] device." Inexplicably, she is beamed up from the small vessel instead. The transport ship, although small, may be too large for the shuttlebays.

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