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Worf agrees to join Jadzia on a vacation on Risa. Julian Bashir and Leeta travel with them to "celebrate" the end of their relationship with a Bajoran ritual. On Risa, Worf is annoyed to learn that a woman named Arandis is Curzon Dax's former lover. Out of jealousy he decides to join the rally of the New Essentialists who turn against the complacency of the Federation. In order to demonstrate how vulnerable everyone would be without technology, Worf sabotages Risa's weather grid, with the result that the planet's climate becomes naturally rainy and stormy for a couple of days. He leaves New Essentialists leader Pascal Fullerton in control of a tricorder that taps into Risa's environmental systems. When Dax and Worf have an argument about the matter, he tells her that he once accidentally killed a boy named Mikel during a soccer match on Gault and that he does not want to indulge himself ever since. Suddenly an earthquake strikes the planet. Worf rushes to snatch the tricorder from Fullerton, who went over the top with his demonstration. Now he and Dax can finally enjoy what's left of their vacation.

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  1. Amy on Friday, November 05, 1999 - 11:10 pm:Worf said that he played soccer. Now, soccer is referred to as football in many countries. In fact, the national soccer organization has the name football in it instead of soccer. Yes, they call it soccer in America, but Worf lived in Russia. So wouldn't Worf say he played football? Chris Thomas on Saturday, November 06, 1999 - 2:11 am: Maybe they agreed on the term soccer by the 24th century because all these games called football was getting too confusing (Mention football to an alien species and which sport does the Universal Translator think it is?) CdnTim 1443 EST 11 Feb 2021 - Presumably Worf is speaking either Klingon or Russian, so the universal translator converted it to American English.
  2. BrianB on Friday, March 15, 2002 - 12:23 am: Arandis of Risa claims she killed Curzon Dax during love-making. "Death by jamaharon" as she called it, which suggests Curzon died while in the throws of passion. If that's so, why was Curzon alive during Jadzia's orb-induced memory?
    In Emissary, Jadzia and Curzon were on the operating table having the Dax symbiont transplanted. She called his name and Curzon returned a toothy grin to her. Curzon died the moment the slug was snipped from him.
    So if the jamaharon killed Curzon, perhaps Arandis meant the sex caused Curzon to die but he remained alive long enough to donate his symbiont, and that might explain his toothy grin. Maybe he had damaging heart attacks or strokes but his death wasn't instant. That, or Jadzia's memory was faulty even with the orb experience. Quite a contradiction. Seniram It would depend on where the transfer took place. CdnTim 1444 EST 11 Feb 2021 - We should allow for some room to speak a bit figuratively...presumably Curzon suffered an ultimately fatal heart attack, or something similar, with Arandis, but life support kept him going until the symbiont transplant. After all, if someone had a heart attack with a lover, but lived long enough to get to the hospital and say goodbye to loved ones, we'd probably still say that they died during sex!


  1. According to the startrek.com episode list, the provisional stardate for this episode is 50186.

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