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An away team from the Enterprise finds three Klingons as the only survivors on the heavily damaged Talarian freighter Batris. One of them later dies of his injuries. The two remaining Klingons, Korris and Konmel, claim that the ship was attacked by the Ferengi, but in reality it was a Klingon cruiser. They are actually outcasts who seek what they think is the true Klingon way.

They despise the the peace and the Klingon-Federation alliance and are now chased by their own people. After an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Worf to join them, they escape from confinement and kill two security officers. Only Korris survives, proceeds to engineering and threatens to blow up the warp core. He allows Worf to negotiate with him. When he can't convince Korris to give up, Worf takes the chance and shoots the other Klingon, thereby granting him an honorable death.

Errors and Explanations

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Character error

  1. After Konmel and the security guard are killed, Lt. Yar checks the guard and tells the captain that they are both dead. She and the other guards head out to find the other Klingon, but one of the guards stops to check the Klingon's body, confirming that he is dead, ignoring his own crew mate. You can't be too careful with Klingons! Fandom User Mcb359 on 1 August, 2018 - 17:21 Yar has already checked the guard and confirmed he was dead. The second guard would have to check the Klingon to see if he was dead or had other weapons on him. Even if the first guard wasn’t dead, he would not have been an immediate danger as the Klingon would have been had he survived.

The Nitpicker's Guide
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Volume 2

Plot Oversights

  1. When the away team first arrives on the freighter, does it seem like a good time to engage in small talk? Another five seconds of "show and tell" with LaForge‘s VISOR and everyone would have died when the freighter exploded. They probably thought they had more time then they actually had.
  2. On the way to rescue the Klingons, Data makes the statement that all routes are equally dangerous. La Forge responds to this statement by asking which route is least dangerous. Evidently La Forge wasn‘t paying attention during the previous line of dialogue. Either La Forge is asking, in a roundabout way, which would be the easiest to cross, or he is assuming that Data is being over cautious.
  3. The armchair captains of the Nitpicker's Guild came up with two plausible methods for handling the crisis at the end of this episode when Korris trains a Klingon phaser on the warp core. ln the NextGen Guide suggested separating the saucer section to put the families of crew members out of danger. Others came up with better options. Why not transport the guy out of there and deactivate his weapon, as O'Brien did to Data in The Most Toys? Or why not turn off the warp core? La Forge does this in Galaxy's Child, and it seems to go dead very quickly. The necessary subroutines may have been developed BECAUSE of this incident. Even if there were already in place, there is nothing to stop Korris firing as soon as the transport starts, and even a partial beam would seriously damage even a deactivated warp core.

Changed Premises

  1. During the rescue of the three Klingons, La Forge tests a new gizmo called a visual acuity transmitter. Lt allows Picard to display the output of La Forge's VISOR on the main viewscreen. At one point Picard comments that the output shows a glow around Data, to which La Forge responds, ‘Of course, he’s an android." Picard then replies that La Forge says that as it they all see Data with a glow. To this La Forge responds, “Don't you?" Now come back to Hide and Q. At the end of that episode, Riker - temporarily given the power of the Q - gives La Forge new eyes. La Forge takes a good look at everyone on the bridge but finally decides that he would rather be the way he was. There is no indication that Riker took away La Forge's memory of natural sight, yet in Heart of Glory, La Forge acts as if he has never seen through normal eyes. La Forge could have deliberately forgotten the incident.
  2. Of course, the other “glowing android" problem shows up in Inheritance.ln that episode, Data‘s mother shows up, and she is an android but nobody - including La Forge - knows it. lf she is a Soong android, wouldn't she glow as well? Soong may have used his experience with Data to eliminate the glow effect.
  3. The Klingon death scream seen in this episode apparently evolved sometime between the time of Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country and the time frame for Heart of Glory. When Gorkon dies, no one hollers. He probably gave instructions banning the tradition in the event of his death, due to his desire for peace.[N 1]
  4. Korris makes reference to his home world as “Kling.” He says he refuses to let the traitors of Kling pick the meat from his bones. Kling? Now, there's a warrior-sounding name! Oddly enough, Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country named the Klingon home world Qo’noS (or “Kronos" for us non-Klingons). Kling may be another planet in the Empire.

Equipment Oddities

  1. Evidently that blue area in the middle of the transporter platform can beam stuff around as well. When Yar finally gets the away team and the Klingons off the ship, the one holding the injured Klingon materializes in the center of the platform. This is probably reserved for medical emergencies and transport of certain items of cargo.
  2. The final admission by the Klingon renegades that they actually destroyed a Klingon cruiser raises an interesting point. Earlier in the episode, the renegades claimed they went into battle with only a battery of “ancient Merculite rockets." Are we to believe that a bunch of rockets with chemical propellants destroyed a Klingon cruiser filled with the most paranoid warriors in the galaxy? These rockets had to be insufferably slow compared with phasers, photons, or warp drive. The renegades could have tricked the cruiser into closing to point blank range, and with the shields down, possibly by transmitting a fake distress signal, before firing the rockets into the warp drive.

Nit Central

  1. Keith Alan Morgan on Monday, April 19, 1999 - 07:43 am: Data says that this may be the first time outsiders have seen the Klingon Death Ritual. If no outsiders have ever seen it, then how does Data know it exists? Charles Cabe (Ccabe) on Monday, April 19, 1999 - 04:11 pm: I suppose he has heard 2nd & 3rd hand (Or applicable appendage) accounts of it.
  2. One of Riker's jobs is to protect the Captain from harm. So why did he let the Captain go down to Engineering, where an armed, rogue Klingon waited? Picard probably insisted on being allowed to try and settle the issue with diplomacy.
  3. At the end of the episode the Enterprise heads off for Starbase 84. Wait a minute, didn't the Klingon tell Worf that they stranded the freighter's crew on some planet? Shouldn't the Enterprise start searching for them? It would be more logical for the Klingons to conduct this search.
  4. Chris Booton on Monday, April 19, 1999 - 02:40 pm: Did anyone think to search these guys for weapons or to scan them? Certainly the can detect a took apart phaser? The components may have appeared as innocent on the scan.[N 2]


  1. According to the novelisation of the film, Gorkon's daughter stopped the aides from carrying out the ritual when they attempted it.
  2. There is a precedent for this - sort off. According to the novelisation of Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country, the components of the assassian's rifle were designed to show up on a security scan as parts of a datapad!.

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