According to Memory Alpha's original in Universe Timeline, the story sequence is:
Spock's Brain : For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky : Is There in Truth No Beauty?.
In the Remastered Episodes Chronology, the release sequence is
Where No Man Has Gone Before : For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky : Journey to Babel.


The Enterprise is attacked with ancient missiles, whose point of origin is an inhabited ship in the form of an asteroid. As the asteroid is on a collision course with the planet Daran V, Kirk and Spock beam down to warn the crew of the asteroid. McCoy insists on joining them, although he suffers from an incurable disease, xenopolycythemia, which leaves him just one year to live.

It turns out that the inhabitants of the asteroid, Yonada, are not aware that they are on a ship, rather than on a planet. High Priestess Natira falls in love with McCoy. When Kirk and Spock are caught examining Yonada's "Oracle", they are due for execution, but McCoy convinces Natira to let them go, while he himself decides to spend the time that is left to him on Yonada. But soon he discovers a book of ancient knowledge and contacts the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock manage to gain access to the control room and correct the asteroid's course. And they also find a cure for McCoy in Yonada's databanks.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpicker's Guide for Classic Trekkers

Plot Oversights

  1. At the beginning of this episode, McCoy tells Kirk that he has a terminal disease and makes two requests. Having only a year to live, McCoy asks that Kirk allow him to continue working and that the captain keep the information to himself. According to the captain’s log, Kirk promptly asks for a replacement for McCoy. Then the captain almost refuses to allow him to go with the next landing party, and a short time later tells Spock about the doctor's illness. Do these sound like the actions of a friend? Kirk has to consider the welfare of the entire crew.

Changed Premises

  1. Beaming over to the inner surface of the asteroid, the landing party soon discovers several large cylinders. Suddenly the cylinders behind the landing party rise, and Yonadan guards jump out. The cylinders make a deftinite humming sound as they rise, yet Spock — with his supersensitive hearing (see Operation: Annihilate!) - is taken by surprise along with the others. There's only one possible explanation for this: McCoy didn’t get Spock’s hearing hooked up correctly when he reinstalled the Vulcan's brain (see Spock's Brain). Perhaps the humming seemed to come from ahead of them.

Equipment Oddities

  1. Yonada has a room where Natira speaks with the "Oracle," a computer that poses as the voice of the creators. Alter capturing the landing party, she leads them to the Oracle room. Once there, she holds out a phaser and a communicator and says of the landing party that they bear instruments that she and her people do not understand. Of course, the whole time one of the Yonadan guards holds a phaser trained on the landing party. For not understanding these devices, the Yonadans apparently know how to use them. The guards obviously recognised the phaser as a weapon, due to it's gun shaped design.
  2. Once again, a landing party from the Enterprise leaves weapons of sophisticated design behind on a less developed world. No indication is ever given that Kirk recovered the three phasers confiscated by the Yonadans from the original landing party. This probably happened after the episode.

Continuity And Production Problems

  1. Before beaming over to Yonada, Kirk orders Sulu to match the speed of the apparent asteroid. Moments later, a graphic shows the Enterprise flying in front of Yonada, which is clearly gaining on the Enterprise. Enterprise has obviously been caught in Yonada's gravitational field.
  2. As the crew arrives on Yonada and discovers the cylinders on the "surface", to the right of the right-most cylinder, we briefly see a characters leg tuck in behind as they stage for entrance. The cylinders have a back door.

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