According to Memory Alpha's original in Universe Timeline, the story sequence is: Nightingale : Flesh and Blood : Lineage.
In the Killing Game story arc, the story sequence is The Killing Game Part 2 : Flesh and Blood.


Part 1

Voyager finds a Hirogen space station with a training environment where all hunters have been slaughtered by their holographic prey. The only survivor is a technician called Donik. It turns out that the Hirogen have altered the holotechnology they received from Voyager to create sentient prey in the form of several Alpha Quadrant species. Now, under the leadership of the Bajoran Iden, the holograms are revolting and they are trying to free holograms created by other species too. When Janeway is about to deactivate the renegade holograms, the Doctor, who feels that they are fighting for a good cause, beams over to their ship. They also abduct B'Elanna who, together with the holographic Cardassian woman Kejal, is supposed to fix their permanent holoemitter.

Part 2

Iden soon exhibits signs of megalomania, and when he kills Nuu'Bari miners to "free" three unintelligible holographic workers the Doctor turns against him. In a showdown on the Y-Class planet Ha'Dara, where the holograms are hunting the Hirogen hunters, the Doctor disables Iden whose program gets lost. Before the battered Hirogen crews return to their ships, Janeway reaches an agreement that the holograms, together with Donik, are free to leave. On Voyager, the Doctor accepts his responsibility for disobeying orders and working with the holograms, offering to forego his mobile emitter to give up his freedom, but Janeway feels that is far too much punishment for doing what someone of flesh and blood would likely do in the same situation.

Errors and Explanations

Nit Central

  1. Corey Hines on Tuesday, November 28, 2000 - 8:21 pm: The Hirogen's armour must be pretty tough to take that many phaser hits and still be standing as long as they did. That’s the whole point of having armour in the first place!
  2. Janeway says replicators can be used to create weapons. Then why did Quark's cousin Gaila sell weapons, when the customers can make their own. Maybe Gaila’s customers lack the equipment/knowledge/time to make their own weapons.
  3. When the holograms first download the Doctor's program, Paris tosses the emitter to the Doc so he can transfer himself to it, just as he disappears. Any particular reason why Paris couldn't transfer the program? There may not have been enough time.
  4. For some reason, there's a Jem'Hadar amongst the holograms. The Voyager knew nothing about them when they gave the Hirogen the holo technology, so how can there be one there? Also, since they're bred for battle, I'm surprised he didn't take the Hirogen himself, espically seeing how other Jem'Hadar fought in the Dominion War. Rene on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 - 9:22 am: About the Jem`Hadar nit, we first encountered them at the end of DS9 season 2 and Voyager after DS9 season 3, anything is possible.
  5. Spornan on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 - 8:08 pm: Wasn't the whole point of the Hirogen getting Hologram technology so they could settle on a planet? They were probably too used to their nomadic existence by then.
  6. At one point, two hirogen hide in a cave, and block the exit. Two holograms then walk through the wall, and fire at them. I can see the Holograms being able to walk through the wall, but would they be able to take the phasers with them? I didn't think something like a phaser could be re-created via hologram, but was actually replicated instead. Which bears another question: How did they walk through the wall? They are photons. Light. They aren't on a holodeck, they are on a planet. They have that one big emitter that they beamed down. How does that allow them to walk through walls? The wall could be holographic.
  7. Shane Tourtellotte on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 - 8:27 pm: Yes, the mysterious blueshirted medics are back, demonstrating once again that Paris didn't have to be drafted into medical duty. Perhaps they were recruited and trained to allow Paris to concentrate on helm duty.


  1. The Nuu’Bari characters only appear in Part 2

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