Liquidator Brunt of the Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA) presents Quark a writ of accountability because his mother is charged with making profit - which is illegal for women in the Ferengi Alliance. He and Rom travel to Ferenginar to make her sign a confession. They are shocked that their mother is also wearing clothes - which is considered indecent for women. Ishka admits that she made a profit of three bars of latinum. But Quark later discovers that it is actually much more, so much that it would ruin him, as he would have to refund it should she refuse. Infuriated that Ishka pretends to have the better lobes for business, he nonetheless decides to denounce his mother, and only Rom can stop him with the false story that she would share the profit. Eventually Ishka gives up, signs the confession and vows to pay back the profit. But, as she tells only Rom in private, just a third of her actual profit was accounted for.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpickers Guide for Deep Space Nine Trekkers

Plot Oversights

  1. First, Quark decides to go back to the Ferengi home world. Then Rom decides to go back to the Ferengi home world. I wonder: Who's taking care of Nog? Or is he just going to fend for himself? (At least he can get in some good study time while the bar is closed. You might recall that he's preparing for the Starfleet Academy entrance exams.) Maybe Nog is considered old enough to look after himself!

Changed Premises

  1. It's interesting that Quark is so appalled at a Ferengi female acquiring profit in this episode since he protected Pel—a Ferengi female posing as a male—-at the end of "Rules of Acquisition" and he even gave her a stake of ten bars of gold-pressed latinum. (Of course, Ishka is his mother, and that may have a lot to do with it!) Pel carried out her activities disguised as a male, while Ishka conducted at least some of hers using her real name.

Equipment Oddities

  1. Here's a new one for you: Sisko gets to name his runabouts! Near the beginning of the episode Kira tells him the new runabout is available for inspection, and he tells her he wants to name it the Rubicon. This is the first time this has ever happened. Since the runabouts belong to Starfleet, Starfleet Command usually reserves this privilege for themselves. Perhaps he has a special dispensation.
  2. This episode clinched the fact that O'Brien has solved the antigrav problem on the station. In Melora Bashir said that standard antigrav units wouldn't work on DS9, and that's why he had to replicate an old-style wheelchair. In this episode Captain Yates tells one of her men to fetch an antigrav sled. Maybe the Melora incident prompted an upgrade to allow antigravs to work on the station.

Nit Central

  1. Keith Alan Morgan on Saturday, May 08, 1999 - 8:18 am: Rom holds up a latinum tooth sharpener, but in Who Mourns for Morn? latinum is a liquid at room temperature. As stated elsewhere, the latinum may be bonded to another substance.
  2. Why does O'Brien need to break into the bar? Since Nog is apparently on the station, ask him for a key. If Nog doesn't have one, then he must know where one would be kept. Do you really expect Quark to trust his ‘I want to defy Ferengi tradition by joining Starfleet’ nephew with the key!?
  3. Rom says of his father, "He couldn't hold onto latinum if you sewed it into his pants." I should think not, as a liquid it would just leak out. Not if the pants had liquid proof compartments in the lining!
  4. Ishka helped Quark learn the Rules of Acquisition, but I thought females were not permitted to know the Rules of Acquisition? Quark’s father probably wasn't around enough to do it.
  5. If no one has played Baseball in 200 years, then why is Sisko such a fan of the game? Maybe because of it’s part in establishing equal rights for African Americans.
  6. All the FCA knew about was the 3 strips of gold-pressed latinum, but at the end it is revealed that Ishka has given up one third of her profits. So did Quark tell the FCA about the extra profit, did the FCA find out about the extra profit or is Ishka's entire fortune 9 strips of gold-pressed latinum? (And to think Quark was worried about paying off 9 strips.) Perhaps the 9 strips is all that was earned under Ishka’s real name?
  7. Admiral of the Fleet on Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 2:11 pm: Were the Ferengi ever part of those massive Alpha Quadrant fleets that fought the Dominion? I don't seem to recall them being so. You'd think they would though as the Dominion are, in Quark's judgement, "bad for business". After all, two of the greatest mercantile nations ever, England and Holland, frequently went to war to defend or expand their commercial interests, which often went hand-in-hand with that concept called freedom. But I guess the writers couldn't let the Ferengi Alliance do that.LUIGI NOVI on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 2:20 pm: No, the Ferengi didn’t enter the battle, but I did think it’d be kinda cool if, during a particularly precarious moment of the battle, when say the Defiant, or Martok’s ship was immobile while rerouting power, and about to be blasted by a Jem'Haddar or Caradassian ship, the enemy gets blown to smithereens, by an offscreen blast, kinda like the TIE fighters by the Falcon at the end of Star Wars, and when the camera cuts to the unseen ally, it’s a swarm of Ferengi Marauders! A Ferengi DaiMon, maybe Kazago from The Battle (TNG), shows up on the Defiant viewer, telling the crew that the new Grand Nagus Rom has ordered the ships to the Battle of Cardassia, and just as Sisko thanks Kazago and gets ready to turn off the viewer, Kazago adds "Provided we are given 50% of all Dominion property seized at the end of the battle…", to which Sisko good-naturedly agrees. Lolar Windrunner on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 4:56 pm: That battle plan of yours for the Ferengi sounds very cool. I have never liked the way they have portrayed the Ferengi or Klingons on the shows. In the books the Klingons come off a bit better usually, but then books can go a little more in depth on certain things. Unfortunately the books still treat the Ferengi about the same as the shows, greedy little cowards. I agree it would have been better to have the Ferengi, at least in one episode, send a representative to DS9 to deal with the Dominion in a more "ruthless" corporate shark style. LUIGI NOVI on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 10:38 pm: Thank you, Lolar. Tim Lynch also pointed out in his review for The Siege of AR-558 (DS9) Quark's line to Sisko that the Ferengi Alliance would've ended the war a long time ago had it been them, because they would've "negotiated".

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