Deanna wakes up and finds her face surgically altered to look like a Romulan. She was taken to the Warbird Khazara in the disguise of the Tal Shiar officer Major Rakal. Subcommander N'Vek explains that their goal is to smuggle out three high-level defectors to the Federation via a neutral Corvallen freighter. In her role as Major Rakal, Troi has a hard time dealing with Commander Toreth, whose father was secretly abducted by the Tal Shiar, and only Subcommander N'Vek is going to support her. When Troi/Rakal senses the Corvallens would betray them, N'Vek destroys the ship but doesn't really have an alternative plan. The cloaked Warbird and the Enterprise are facing for a battle, and Troi manages to gain control of the Romulan ship and have the defectors beamed over to the Enterprise. When Toreth notices his betrayal, N'Vek is killed, while Deanna can be beamed out in time. The Khazara cloaks and returns to Romulan space, while Troi's cosmetic surgery is reversed, and she contemplates the value of N'Vek's efforts to aid the Federation.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpicker's Guide
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Plot Oversights

  1. Visual records of Rakal matching the disguised Troi. Possibly a combination of Troi's natural resemblance and alteration of the records.
  2. Ensign DeSeve deciding to defect to the Romulans twenty years after they withdrew behind their borders. Perhaps he wanted to find out what had kept them away from the galaxy at large.
  3. Troi, as Rakal, knowing her way around the warbird. Either N'Vek briefed her on the layout off screen, or Troi figured out the logical routes between various areas of the warbird.

Changed Premises

  1. The Romulans apparently not having gravitic sensors, similar to those used by the Federation. They could have been off line for some reason.

Nit Central

  1. Aaron Dotter on Tuesday, September 19, 2000 - 4:58 pm: When the Romulan ship cloaked the lights did not dim like on other ships, such as the Defiant (which used a Romulan cloak) and Klingon ships. Cloaks use lots of power, so I doubt that it is the type of cloak. The Defiant is using a device it wasn't strictly designed to use, and the Klingons probably dim the lights when the ship cloaks to enhance their senses.
  2. They'll clear the debris field in 27 minutes? That big a field for such a tiny freighter? They must be moving very very slow. Moving too quickly through the debris of a destroyed ship could result in permanent damage.
  3. Did Troi set up that disruptor/transporter beam? If not her who did? Logically, this would've been done by N'Vek.
  4. I don't see how this little operation "paved the way" for future rescue operations. I doubt that they could get away with that again. It would have shown it was possible to escape from the Romulan Empire.
  5. John A. Lang on Thursday, December 05, 2002 - 8:27 pm: Why didn't the underground movement just simply ASK Troi to volunteer and do this mission? The underground Romulan COULD HAVE brought along some authorized message from Spock and shown it to her. Or better yet, ask Spock to ask Troi to volunteer. But noooo, they commit some very serious crimes against her.… If I were Troi, I would not be happy! If they had asked Troi to volunteer, she would have been obliged to report the request to Starfleet, which would increase the risk of the Romulan government discovering the plan, and putting a stop to it before it could be carried out.
  6. kinzel.10 on Saturday, March 13, 2004 - 10:29 pm: What's the deal with Troi's behavior-demanding that N'Vek transport Muret and his aids to the Enterprise rather than go to Draken IV? Was she so sick of the Romulan ship that she'd do anything to get off it as fast as she could and didn't care what effect it would have on the mission? Her actions there got N'Vek killed and almost ruined everything. There was no indication that her cover had been blown or anything, so what she did was totally dangerous, dumb, and disgusting. Any thoughts? LUIGI NOVI on Sunday, March 14, 2004 - 6:05 am: If she chose to be on this mission that would be an arguable POV, kinzel, but she was kidnapped, surgically altered against her will, and placed into mortal danger by being drafted into this mission, so she had every right not to be so compliant.
  7. Francois Lacombe (Franc0is) on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 6:13 pm:When Troi wakes up at the beginning of the episode, she should have known immediately she was in deep trouble. Her empathic senses should have let her know that she was surrounded by Romulans. She was still groggy at that point.

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