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After a bumpy ride though the Borg transwarp conduit, La Sirena arrives at Ghulion IV or Coppelius, Soji's homeworld. But Narek's Snakehead too emerges from the conduit and attacks. A Borg cube arrives as well. All three ships are brought down by defense drones looking like giant orchids that drain all power. After the crash landing of La Sirena, Picard confesses to his crew that he is terminally ill and begins to experience the symptoms.

Before heading to Coppelius Station, the settlement of the Snyths, they investigate the downed Borg cube, to find many xBs as well as Elnor and Seven alive. With the long-range sensors of the cube, Raffi and Rios find out that 218 Romulan warbirds are on the way to attack the planet and kill all Synths. Elnor decides to stay on the Borg cube with Seven.

At Coppelius Station, Picard and company run into many models of Synths that come as pairs, among them Arcana and Saga. They are greeted by Dr. Altan Inigo Soong, the son of Data's creator. There is also Sutra, the surviving sister of Jana. Sutra mind-melds with Jurati, as she suspects that the message in the "Admonition" was actually meant for Synths.

Knowing that there is no means of defense against the whole Romulan fleet, Raffi and Rios leave to repair the ship to evacuate the Synths. Picard tries to contact Starfleet, but it is in vain. In the meantime, the Synths have captured Narek and taken him into confinement. Sutra shows an odd interest in the Romulan. Briefly later, Saga is dead and Narek is on the run.

Sutra says that the message in the "Admonition" was created by a powerful race of Synths, and that it contained a subspace frequency to call them to exterminate organic lifeforms. Picard still tries to convince the Synths not to make that call, but he doesn't have their trust. Soong, Soji and Jurati are with the Synths in this regard. The Romulan fleet is just one day away…

Errors and Explanations

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  1. Bernd Schneider: La Sirena has seatbelts! Probably fitted as a precaution against problems with the inertial dampeners.
  2. Picard uses a secure "hyperfrequency" to contact Starfleet, which is either a new concept or a new moniker, apparently inspired by the "hyperspace" of other science fiction franchises. The authors of the series seem to be fond of establishing a different terminology for this series, as also evidenced by "Synths" (instead of androids) and "scanners" (instead of sensors). This could be a newer, more advanced form of FTL communication.


  1. While the entrance was somewhere in deep space, the exit of the transwarp conduit is conveniently directly in the orbit of the planet Ghulion IV. Wow. It was most likely designed that way.
  2. After having been fired on the whole time, Rios says that Narek is "powering up his disruptor cannons". What weapons has Narek been using so far, if not disruptor cannons? Maybe they were initially fired at minimal power.
  3. It is hard to believe that Seven could reactivate the Borg cube that had been pillaged by the Romulans for many years and after all drones had been jettisoned. And while it is perhaps possible to drain La Sirena of all energy, it seems very unrealistic that just a few more "orchids" could bring down the Borg cube just as well, which is about a million times bigger than La Sirena. Well, the Borg cube has been gutted, meaning it is not fully equipped to defend itself from external attack.
  4. You can kill an android of Saga's type by stabbing her eye? Yes - especially if the blade is long and thin enough to penetrate the 'brain' of the victim.


  1. Voice only

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