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Ensign Boimler is assigned to ferry Klingon General K'orin to the Federation Embassy on Tulgana IV. Mariner unexpectedly joins the mission. She knows K'orin and greets him the Klingon way. The general demands to land in Little Qo'noS, the Klingon district of the planet, where he steals the shuttle. Without the possibility to beam up or contact the ship, because of an ion shield, Boimler and Mariner are left to their own among many aliens of different species.

In the meantime on the USS Cerritos, Ensign Rutherford decides to switch departments. He likes his job in engineering and enjoys crawling through the Jefferies tubes all day, but he also wants to spend time with Tendi and watch a pulsar. So he undergoes a command and a medical training, both of which he screws up. Only when he has the chance to show his fighting skills to Shaxs, the security chief, he performs admirably against the simulated Borg, thanks to his cybernetic implants. But Rutherford turns down the offer to stay with security, and returns to engineering.

On Tulgana IV, the two other junior officers follow the trail of K'orin, but Boimler's inexperience repeatedly gets him into danger. Fortunately Mariner saves him every time. Only when the two run into a Ferengi, whom Mariner mistakes for a Bolian, Boimler can prove that his knowledge about alien species is valuable. The two eventually find the shuttle and the drunk K'orin. They leave him at the entrance of the embassy and return to the ship. It turns out that the Ferengi was hired by Mariner only to give Boimler a good feeling.

Errors and Explanations

Nit Central

  1. Francois Lacombe (Franc0is) on Friday, August 14, 2020 - 1:40 pm: It is strange that someone as experienced as Mariner would not know that Tulgana IV closely regulates and controls communications and transporter activity on its territory. Maybe she doesn’t care?
  2. Rutherford wanting to transfer out of engineering is not really a problem, but shouldn't he need a lot more training to transfer into those other departments, especially sick bay? Perhaps he had already completed enough of the necessary training in his spare time?
  3. When Boimler and Mariner find their stolen shuttle, it has a number of parking violation tickets glued to it. However, the shuttle is on the front stairs of the Federation Embassy, its hatch is open and we soon learn that the Embassy's security are looking for the missing Klingon general K'orin, who is passed out drunk in the shuttle. Wouldn't whoever issued those parking tickets have noticed the presence of the general? They probably didn’t bother looking!
  4. Shouldn't the Embassy's security at least have investigated that illegally parked shuttle on their very doorsteps? They probably assumed the shuttle had been investigated by whoever issued the tickets.
  5. The security officer who comes out of the Embassy and finds general K'orin starts reporting her find before she actually taps on her combadge. Maybe she thought the initial part of her report would be picked up by the embassy external security system.
  6. Where did Mariner get the money she used to end the bar brawl? I thought Federation officers didn't carry money. M Crane (Mcrane) on Saturday, August 15, 2020 - 4:39 am: IIRC She says she stole it. I think it was the guy they bumped into earlier? Francois Lacombe (Franc0is) on Saturday, August 15, 2020 - 4:03 pm: Yeah, I rewatched the scene, and when Mariner takes the guy's wallet she only pretends to throw it away. In reality, she quickly pockets it.

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