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An alien materializes in a corridor on Voyager. The man is named Dammar, he says he comes from a Nyrian colony and feels comfortable only if the temperature is as high as 45°C. When the Doctor wants to examine him, it turns out that Kes is missing. Gradually more Nyrians appear on the ship, replacing Voyager crew members. After Janeway has vanished too, Chakotay recognizes that the Nyrians are taking over the ship. He disables the warp drive and saves the Doctor's program until he is transferred too. The Voyager crew are prisoners in a habitat that was specially designed for them. A portal opens, and an alien named Jarlath steps out, who is a prisoner in the neighboring habitat. He is not interested in escape, but based on his hints B'Elanna modifies the Doctor's sensors to scan for other portals. Janeway, Tuvok, Torres and Paris step through the portal and discover a corridor system. There are as many as 94 different environments on a huge ship. Janeway and Tuvok take control of the Nyrian translocator. She transports the Nyrian leader Dammar from Voyager to an arctic habitat and thereby forces him to release Voyager and all alien prisoners.

Errors and Explanations

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  1. In other episodes, phaser fire bounces off a holodeck wall. However, when Paris and Torres are entering the cold climate environment, he uses the phaser to crush some ice for blocking the Nyrians path . That should not be possible. Assuming the ice was holograpic, and not replicated.

Factual errors

  1. The Federation Habitat's climate appears suitable enough for the Humans, with mild temperatures. According to the display on the station's terminal though, the temperature in that habitat is 76C. While the C arguably stands for Celsius, the number is more indicative of a Farenheit scale. However, Tuvok later reads the temperature of the Argala Habitat as "-20 degrees Celsius", and it is fair to assume that the temperatures of all habitats are presented in the same scale. Thus, 76C for the Earth Habitat is clearly mislabeled. The station’s equivalent of Farenheit could start with the letter C in the builder’s original language.

Plot holes

  1. While being confined in the Federation habitat, the crew are able to fashion 2 crude phasers from parts they've taken from devices like food dispensers and sonic showers. They talk about how limited they are. Yet when they incapacitate several Nyrians, including 2 that succumb to the cold while chasing Tom and B'Lanna, none of them think to take the Nyrian weapons. They keep using the failing homemade phasers. They probably don’t want to risk wasting time mfiguring out the controls on the Nyrian weapons – assuming they are not coded to prevent use by non Nyrians.
  2. The habitat control panel displays the volume in cubic feet, not meters. That could be a preference of the habitat builders.
  3. If the environment is a hologram, how can Neelix get parts out of a capacitor and food dispensers? They are most likely non holographic.

Nit Central

  1. Uncle Dick on Friday, July 13, 2001 - 12:46 am: What happened to the fractal encryption code Data used in Star Trek: First Contact? Too complicated to set up, especially under the circumstances.
  2. When Paris and Torres are located, they are referred to as "two human lifesigns". Granted Torres is half-human but shouldn't they at least be referred to as "human and Klingon lifesigns"? Perhaps they use the term human as shorthand for Humanoid?

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. When the Nyrians eventually began to take control, Chakotay should have flooded the ship with anesthizine. Maybe they have a natural immunity.

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