In the Descent story arc, the story sequence is
Descent Part 1 : Descent Part 2.
In the Lore story arc, the story sequence is
Brothers : Descent Part 1 : Descent Part 2.


The Borg have attacked a Federation outpost, but these Borg are different: They are violent, they seek vengeance and they have individual names. Data is obviously different too when he kills a Borg in rage. Admiral Nechayev blames Picard for the new threat because he released the Borg named Hugh.("I, Borg") She orders him to take any chance to destroy the Borg next time. When Data leaves the ship together with a captured Borg some time later, their trace leads to a planet whose shielding doesn't allow to scan for lifeforms. While most of the crew take part in a large-scale ground search, Beverly remains in command of the ship. Picard's team is captured by the Borg, and he is shocked to see Data side by side with his evil twin Lore as the new leaders of the Borg.


Errors and explanations

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Character error

  1. During the senior staff's conference immediately after the first Borg encounter, Counselor Troi states that "the only Borg that ever had a name was 'Hugh"...and we gave it to him". She has apparently forgotten the infamous Locutus, whom Picard even mentions elsewhere in this story. Locutus is a single word term meaning One Who Speaks, and may therefore be regarded as a designation, not a name.


  1. Either the brig continues to be remodeled, or there is a continuity problem with respect to the controls for the force field that closes off the prisoner's cell. In this episode, a crewman sits at a control console & activated/deactivates the force field. In Star Trek: The Next Generation: I Borg, a crewman tapped a panel on the wall to operate it, and in an even earlier episode Picard himself was able to turn it on/off with a simple voice command to the computer. This could be due to regular upgrades to the security systems.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

  1. Data states to Geordi that he believes he has experienced his "first emotion". This may be interpreted as untrue since in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Déjà Q, Q gave Data the parting gift of feeling laughter. Data was not given an accompanying emotion in this episode, only the sensation of laughter, therefore he did not experience actual emotion until the fight

Plot holes

  1. After it is learned that Data and the Borg have escaped the brig and taken the shuttle without authorization, no one is sent to the brig to check on the guard that was there. This could have happened off screen.

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