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Sons and Daughters : Day of Honor : Favor the Bold.


Tom persuades B'Elanna Torres to celebrate the Klingon Day of Honor, but she is reluctant to undergo the ritual. In fact, it turns out to be an awful day for her. First B'Elanna has a lot of work on her hands while two of her staff are sick. Then Chakotay shows up, telling her that Seven of Nine is going to work in engineering, giving rise to her animosities toward the former Borg drone.

When an experiment to enter transwarp fails, B'Elanna has to drop the warp core. She and Paris take a shuttle to search for the core, but the Caatati were faster and claim their right of salvage. An imminent hull breach forces B'Elanna and Tom to leave the shuttle in spacesuits.

In the meantime Voyager is surrounded by Caatati vessels. Most of the Caatati were assimilated by the Borg, and besides the warp core and all kinds of supplies they also demand the extradition of Seven of Nine. Seven, however, succeeds in finding a solution for the energy shortage of the Caatati, who agree to return the warp core. When their oxygen has dropped to a minimum level, B'Elanna admits that she loves Tom. The two are beamed aboard in the nick of time.

Errors and Explanations

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Character error

  1. When Torres, the Chief Engineer, orders Paris, a Bridge Officer, out of Engineering, he says "I outrank you." She is the Commanding Officer of Engineering, Paris isn't even assigned there. In a chain of command, his rank would be irrelevant. He could be referring to the fact that her rank is technically provisional.


  1. Just before Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres beam themselves out of the exploding shuttle-craft, Tom asks the computer to relay their coordinates and send a distress call to Voyager. The computer does not respond at all. B'Elanna then says that this is due to the communications system being down. Tom then states that the transporters are still online. He then asks the computer to 'energize' and the computer completes his request. Why would the computer not be able to respond the first request at all but then oblige the second request? B’Elanna pointed out that the communication system was down, but didn’t mention the computer’s verbal interface – if that was offline she would have mentioned that.

Factual errors

  1. The helmets of the environmental suits of Paris and Torres are lit up from the inside. If this were done with real suits, the lights would be reflected on the inside of the faceplate or visor, making it hard for the wearer to see. Unfortunately, Hollywood ignores this inaccuracy so the faces of the actors can be seen, rather than the dark faceplate when the wearer is viewed from the outside. This may have been done to prevent damage to the lights.

Plot holes

  1. Once the aliens are back to a having a positive association with Voyager, why doesn't Janeway ask them to go rescue her crew? The aliens even know about the accident but offer no assistance. They may not have been capable of carrying out such a rescue.

Revealing mistakes

  1. When Paris and Torres get into the environmental suits, the one for Torres is obviously made for a female judging by the breastplate design. It seems odd to have one gender specific emergency evacuation suits on a shuttle. That could be standard procedure.

Nit Central

  1. Alasdair Prett on Wednesday, February 24, 1999 - 11:16 am: I wandered through the living room in time to catch a snippet of a conversation between B'Elanna and Chakotay, re 7 of 9's request to integrate the transwarp tech into V'ger's engines. B'Elanna stated, quite hotly, "We don't know anything about transwarp technology!"
    My wording there could be wrong, but the implication was that no-one on board knew a thing about transwarp. Ok, fine. It's an alien technology, and the Borg and the Federation haven't exactly been the Best of Friends since they met. HOWEVER......… aren't we forgetting one tinsy-wincy-but-ever-so-crucial tiny little detail? Like, say, the USS Excelsior, built with Transwarp engines 85 years earlier? OK, so Scotty swiped it's main control chips, but having spent however much they had on it, the Federation would have at least continued the experiments. And an Excelsior class was built, and is still used (the USS Hood, I believe). So - nobody knows ANYTHING about Transwarp? B’Elanna is refering to this specific type of Transwarp! The version used by Excelsior was, I believe, more like an advanced warp system/transporter combination – and that was eventually replaced with a standard warp drive.
  2. Palandine on Thursday, December 21, 2000 - 12:11 pm: B'Elanna is upset that Seven of Nine expresses no remorse about the assimilations and atrocities carried out by the Borg. Why should Seven feel remorseful? It is nothing she had any say in or control over. She certainly could not have resisted. On the other hand, B'Elanna and the rest of the Maquis were willing participants who made a conscious choice to kill Cardassian soldiers and civilians in great numbers. Why no remorse there? For all the Federation's peace-loving ways, I don't recall any episode of Voyager where a Maquis crewman voices any ethical concerns over his or her past actions; the closest I can think of is B'Elanna's "gee, you're a Cardassian and you're NOT cruel and arrogant" remark to the holo-Cardassian in Flesh and Blood. However, I have not seen all the previous episodes, so I could be wrong. Anonymous on Thursday, December 21, 2000 - 1:14 pm: I think B'Elanna believes (however much you may disagree) that her actions sprang from moral objectives, like Kira (DS-9) believed when she was a terrorist. She still had a conscience. Whereas at this stage Seven appeared to have no conscience, and could not even recognize that others had suffered because of her actions. It is clear that Seven realizes the difference in later years.Palandine on Thursday, December 21, 2000 - 1:35 pm: I think you may very well be right. However, to look at things from a Borg perspective, assimilation's a GOOD thing--one becomes much more than what one was. So it was probably ridiculous on the face of it to ask a recently de-Borgified drone about remorse. Also (and I'm a MUCH bigger fan of DS9 than Voyager), Kira did seem troubled by the things she had done, much more so than the Maquis on Voyager. It was one of the things that made her such a great character and gave her depth. I've often heard the criticism that it's hard to tell the Maquis from the Feds on Voyager, and that lack of depth and introspection is one of those reasons.


  1. According to the episode list, the provisional stardate for this episode is 51046.

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