Following a distress call from Capt. Varley of the USS Yamato that is experiencing widespread system malfunctions, Picard sets a course for the Neutral Zone. But briefly after the Enterprise's arrival the sister ship explodes. Varley's logs reveal that he has found the mythical planet Iconia.

The malfunctions on the Yamato started when the ship encountered an Iconian probe, and after downloading the logs from the Yamato the Enterprise is now infected too. Picard, Worf and Data beam down to the planet to examine the Iconian technology - including a portal which allows to reach remote places in an instant.

A Romulan Warbird approaches, and it is obvious that the enemy ship is suffering from the same problems. On the planet, Data is disabled by the Iconian central computer. Worf takes him back to the Enterprise, using the gate, while Picard destroys the Iconian technology to prevent it from falling into Romulan hands.

Back on the Enterprise, Data apparently dies - but actually reboots his system. Geordi performs the same procedure on the Enterprise and thereby eliminates the virus. Picard too enters the gate. It takes him to the Romulan bridge from where he can be beamed out. Before the Enterprise breaks orbit, Riker gives the Romulans instructions how to purge their computer.

Errors and Explanations

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Character error

  1. When Riker, in command while Picard is off the ship, follows Worf who is carrying Data, into the turbo lift, he never tells anyone else to take command of the bridge. This is always done when the ranking officer leaves. He may have used a subtle hand signal to do this as he left, or an internal transmission while in the turbolift.

Plot Holes

  1. Worf is able to detect the Romulan ship at long range while it is cloaked. This is inconsistent with other episodes where Romulan and Klingon ships can close to withing a few thousand while cloaked. Worf was probably able to detect this warbird because it downloaded the infected computer logs of the Yamato, thus causing the nulifier core of the warp drive to become misaligned, thus causing magnetic disruptions which would permit a cloaked warbird to be tracked on sensors.

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Plot Oversights

  1. Picard makes two oddly placed log entries in this episode. When the Yamato explodes, the show faeds to a commercial break, and returns with a log entry by Picard, who is still stearing at the viewscreen. The impression is that we are picking upright where we left, but we can't be because Picard has no time to make a log entry. Then, while down on Iconia, Picard makes a log entry, but the dialogue indicates that the away team cannot communicate with the Enterprise. There was probably a gap of a few seconds covered by the commercial break, thus allowing Picard time to make a log entry while still looking at the viewscreen. The iconia log was made either using equipement carried by the away team, such as a tricorder or - possibly - a recorder circuit in the combadge, or after Picard's return to the ship. Mcb359 on 3 August, 2018 - 12:39 His combadge will be what he records log entries on. In DS9’s The Ascent, we see Odo use his combadge to record his final wishes. That was a Bajoran combadge, but it’s unlikely that it is more sophisticated than a Starfleet combadge.

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  1. It is a bit too Indiana Jones-like that the Iconian technology is still operational after a devastating orbital bombing and after 200,000 years. They obviously knew how to build things to last!

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