Ben Sisko, Jake Sisko and O'Brien are trapped in the ore processing facility on Deep Space 9 when an old Cardassian security system meant to suppress a worker revolt kicks in. Gul Dukat appears on the station's monitors and announces the countermeasures. The Ops and the security office are sealed likewise, and the station is slated to be flooded with neurocine gas. Garak is the only one who can penetrate the forcefield around the Ops thanks to his still working security code. He gives Kira the advice to destroy the life support system to stop the gas. But the phaser blast sets off the countdown to the station's self destruction. The sadistically amused real Gul Dukat arrives to witness the desperate efforts to save the station. But when he attempts to beam out, a recording of his former superior appears on the screen and declares that Dukat is not allowed to leave his post. He now has to work with the Deep Space 9 crew. Dax manages to free Sisko, Jake and O'Brien from their prison by taking down all forcefields through a station-wide power surge. With not enough time left to stop the self-destruct, Sisko decides to let the shields absorb the explosion of the fusion reactor, and the station survives with some damage.

Errors and Explanations

The Nitpickers Guide for Deep Space Nine Trekkers

Equipment Oddities

  1. Didn't O'Brien say in The Forsaken that he was going to give the computer a "root canal" - that he was going to rebuild it from the ground up? It's interesting that he never came across this anti-insurgency program. Perhaps it was disguised as a vital security program. CdnTim 1109 EST 5 Feb 2021 - Maybe the program was hardwired into a sub-processor somewhere until activated. Also, despite what O'Brien said, completely re-coding the stations operating system from scratch must be a massive undertaking!
  2. I also could wonder why no one has come across all the extra force field generators and poison gas emitters that the crew finds so surprising, but...l believe I shall postpone.) They were probably designed to resemble components of the structural integrity and life support systems.
  3. At one point a force field catches Dax's hands in Ops; Bashir grabs the medical kit and diagnoses her with second-degree bums. A bit later he says he wishes he could do more, but he'll have to wait until he can get her to the infirmary. This is very odd. In Invasive Procedures, O'Brien gets shot with a phaser. Bashir grabs the Ops medical kit and pulls out a dermal regenerator to help the wound heal. Doesn't it seem like a dermal regenerator would work on energy burns if it worked on a phaser blast wound? The burns could be too severe for the hand held dermal regenerator to cope with.
  4. Trying to override the anti-insurgency program, Garak comments that even if he could change Dukat's Security codes to his own, the computer would scan his DNA and realize that he isn't Dukat. This seems like a very sensible feature for the computer to have given how easy it is for someone to steal a Security code. But what about Tribunal? Did the Cardassian spy disable this feature when he used O'Brien's voice to gain access to the weapons locker? The anti insurgency program obviously has more safeguards than the weapon locker access system.

Nit Central

  1. BrianB on Wednesday, April 14, 1999 - 1:56 am: One question: how does Sisko know how to reroute those isolinear rods to abort the self-destruct? Alfonso Turnage on Saturday, April 17, 1999 - 4:56 pm: He's an engineer. He probably studied command-related Cardassian engineering.
  2. BARA on Thursday, November 06, 2003 - 1:12 am: At one point Bashir comments he's been living on the station for almost three years. Actually, according to my stardate-based calculations, he's been there for almost exactly two years, give or take a couple of weeks. Maybe it seems longer! CdnTim 1111 EST 5 Feb 2021 - He seems to have been on the station during three calendar years (all of one and part of two), so maybe that's why the number three came to him.
  3. Is it wise to require such a high level of access codes in this situation? What if all the higer-ups were dead or indisposed? I doubt the average security guard had such high access. They could get the Bajorans under control and not be able to prevent the station from blowing up. Aaron Dotter (Dotter31) on Wednesday, December 06, 2006 - 12:55 pm:Isn't that the point? It's an incentive to keep the 'higher-ups' alive and ensure control. CdnTim 1112 EST 5 Feb 2021 - It wouldn't really be out of character for Dukat to design the whole program to benefit him, maximizing the value of keeping him a live, to heck with everyone else if he dies.
  4. dotter31 on Tuesday, April 03, 2007 - 4:12 pm: Where was the gas coming from? Why wouldn't supplies of lethal nerve gas have been removed by either the Bajorans or Starfleet? Seniram Maybe the system is producing it using hidden replicator circuitry.

Wiki Users

  1. Bomyne Before the communicators were disabled, why didn't the crew try to access the defiant or the runabouts via the communicators? Starfleet systems would have been obviously unaffected by the program. SENIRAM The Cardasian designed computers would have been programmed to prevent access to any unauthorised - ie non Cardassian - ships in the area!

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