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While the Enterprise is docked to Deep Space 9 for a relief mission on Bajor, Worf learns from the Yridian Shrek that his father Mogh may be still alive in a Romulan prisoner camp - which would be dishonorable since Klingons have to escape or to die when they are captured. He urges the Yridian to take him to the camp on Carraya IV. Upon his arrival Worf is captured himself, but soon notices that this is not really a prisoner camp. In the meantime, on the Enterprise, Data is experiencing dreams, which were implanted into him by his creator Noonien Soong as a further stage of his development.

The Conclusion

At Carraya IV, the former Romulan guards and Klingon prisoners have started an attempt to live together in peace, and are ignored by their respective governments. Worf's doesn't find his father there because he really died on Khitomer. Worf is unhappy that the Klingons have abandoned their heritage as warriors, and he is disgusted by the fact that there are marriages between Klingons and Romulans, even more when he discovers the pointed ears of his love interest Ba'el. When Worf begins to "infect" the young people in the camp with his ideas, camp leader Torath decides to have him executed, but eventually many of the Klingons decide to stand with Worf. Worf takes some of the young people with him. However, Worf protects the honor of those who remain behind by telling Picard that the young Klingons are a group of crash survivors, and that he found no prison camp during his visit to Romulan space. The captain understands, silently keeping Worf's secret.

Errors and Explanations

Nit Central

  1. Mark Swinton on Thursday, October 28, 1999 - 3:17 pm: In this episode, Worf takes the young Klingon Toq on the Ritual Hunt. Sure enough, they return to Tokath and L'Kor carrying a large beast which they put on the table with the words, "Tonight, we eat well!". Tokath responds with "Get that thing off my table!" to which Toq replies, "I intend to Tokath- but not until after it's cooked!"
    Cooked? Back in "Sins of the Father" we saw Kurn sampling the buffet on the Enterprise and wondering "how long the bird had been dead" given the unusual appearance of cooked meat. That scene implies (as do several others in Trek) that Klingons eat raw meat. Why then is Toq saying they'll have to cook his kill? Miko Iko on Wednesday, October 04, 2000 - 2:43 pm: Toq was raised among Romulans and perhaps was accustomed to eating as they (presumably) do. He probably didn't know of the Klingon preference for eating raw meat.
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