In the Birthright story arc, the story sequence is
Birthright Part 1 : Birthright Part 2.


While the Enterprise is docked to Deep Space 9 for a relief mission on Bajor, Worf learns from the Yridian Shrek that his father Mogh may be still alive in a Romulan prisoner camp - which would be dishonorable since Klingons have to escape or to die when they are captured. He urges the Yridian to take him to the camp on Carraya IV. Upon his arrival Worf is captured himself, but soon notices that this is not really a prisoner camp. In the meantime, on the Enterprise, Data is experiencing dreams, which were implanted into him by his creator Noonien Soong as a further stage of his development.


Errors and Explanations

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Character error

  1. Despite being outranked by Data, Dr. Bashir repeatedly addresses him by his name only, without any honorific or title such as "Commander" or "sir". They are conversing as fellow scientists.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

  1. Geordi LaForge plugs a cord into the side of Data's head before intentionally rendering Data unconscious to start his "dream". The cord is also in place when Data wakes up again. The cord disappears when he falls unconscious. This moment is part of Data's fantasy POV, in which he would not visualize the cord.

Revealing mistakes

  1. When Worf grabs the rail at his station in frustration it clearly wobbles. It may have worked loose.

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