While exploring on the outermost rim of the galaxy, the Enterprise is pulled into the orbit of a dead star. Trapped there, the crew discovers that there is an derelict 300,000,000-year-old pod ship trapped with them as well.

Captain Kirk beams aboard the huge starship with a boarding party that includes First Officer Spock, Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy and Chief Engineer Scott, where they learn it was once home to an insectoid race. They also learn from a pre-recorded message left behind that the ship had become almost completely controlled by a malevolent entity seeking a means to escape the dead sun and travel to other worlds. The ship's crew had created an isolated chamber that the entity did not control, and from there recorded a warning message and then self-destructed their own ship rather than let it be used by the entity. The entity begins trying to pierce into the isolated chamber where the Enterprise party is and manages to beam back with them. Quickly fleeing into the workings of the ship, it disables the self-destruct mechanism and tries to force the crew to do its bidding.

Finally, Kirk flies the Enterprise toward the dead star in what appears to be a suicide run, but in actuality is part of a sling-shot maneuver for escaping its massive gravity. The entity believes the ship will crash and be destroyed and so flees, with the Enterprise successfully escaping both it and the dead star.[1]

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  1. Benn (Benn) on Friday, January 05, 2007 - 3:40 am: Boy, the Enterprise's phasers are pretty damned powerful, aren't they? One shot and they wiped out that HUGE alien vessel. They probably hit a weak spot.

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  1. When an abandoned alien ship is found, Spock estimates that it had been in orbit of a dead star for 300,000,000 years. Kirk exclaims that that is longer than life had existed on Earth. However, life has been on Earth for 3.7 billion year, about 10 times longer than the age of the alien ship. To be fair, Kirk isn't a scientist!


  1. Towards the beginning of the episode they show a man sitting next to Sulu rather than the alien which is shown next to him. The man could have briefly swapped stations with the alien for some reason.


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