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When Rom collapses while working in his brother's bar and is taken to the infirmary, Dr. Bashir suggests that he found a union to enforce higher salaries and sick leave. When Quark refuses to comply with the demands, the staff of his bar, led by Rom, form a union and go on strike. Liquidator Brunt from the FCA arrives to end the strike by any means necessary. After Brunt's Nausicaan thugs have beaten up the bar owner as an example, Quark secretly agrees to his brother's demands as long as Brunt has no knowledge of it. Rom, however, quits his job and begins to work as a technician on the station.

Errors and Explanations

Nit Central

  1. Spockania on Thursday, December 17, 1998 - 11:37 pm: I remember wondering if the Federation had anything like a Bureau of Labor Management. Even if the Federation's economic system is communist (this is not political) there should be some group that helps solve labor disputes. Admittedly a bar on the outskirts of the Federation might not be important, but if such a group existed it should have been mentioned during the debates over the strike. Chris Thomas on Friday, December 18, 1998 - 12:52 am: Given it wasn't mentioned, that would seem to imply it doesn't exist. Or maybe it wasn't mentioned because it's a Bajoran station and the bar is a business run by a non-member of the Federation.
  2. BrianB on Wednesday, April 14, 1999 - 11:35 pm: Regarding O'Brien picking a fight with Worf and Bashir gets in the middle and they all wind up in the brig: How exactly did the fight start? Without knowing how or why, this supposedly cute scene was totally pointless. I know it was a plot contrivance for Worf to take up quarters on the Defiant. Phillip Culley on Thursday, May 06, 1999 - 5:04 am: Apparently the fight started when O'Brien and Bashir were placing bets on who was going into Quarks bar. When Worf came along, O'Brien betted he wouldn't go in; he would support the strike. When he saw Worf go in, he said something like 'We'll see about that...', and I think he went to stop Worf with force. Bashir went to stop him, O'Brien and Worf ended up in a fight, Bashir tried to intervene, got caught up in the crossfire and the three of them ended up in the brig.
  3. If Odo caught Brunt and the Nausicaans beating up Quark, then why does he need Quark to file charges? Isn't assault and battery a crime regardless of whether or not the victim files charges? Or is this some peculiar Bajoran law? ("I'm afraid you're going to have to let the prisoner go, Odo. The man he beat up is brain damaged and doesn't remember the attack happening.") In most jurisdictions, it is necessary for the victim of a crime to press charges before the perpetrator can be lawfully arrested and prosecuted.

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