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Operation: Annihilate! : Amok Time : This Side of Paradise.
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The Doomsday Machine : Amok Time : The Paradise Syndrome.


Spock is in a state of mental unrest and requests a shore leave on his home planet Vulcan to recover. Kirk, however, has orders to set course for Altair VI to participate in the inauguration ceremony of the planet's president. Spock eventually lets Kirk in on his condition. It is the pon farr, a phase of irrational sexual desire, that manifests itself as the plak tow, the blood fever. It requires him to return to Vulcan to be with his future wife. Otherwise Spock would die.

Kirk decides to act against his orders and set course for Vulcan. He and McCoy beam down with Spock to an ancient ritual place. They are welcomed by T'Pau, an influential political figure on Vulcan and by T'Pring, Spock's fiancée. T'Pring, however, demands that Spock fight for her to the death according to the old koon-ut-kal-if-fee ritual - against Kirk. When Spock, still in the plak tow, is on the verge of killing Kirk, McCoy gives Kirk an injection that he says is a tri-ox compound to compensate for the thin air on the planet. But Spock wins the duel and apparently kills Kirk, who is beamed up together with McCoy.

Correctly assuming that Spock wouldn't want her now that Kirk is dead, T'Pring is free to be with her new love, Stonn. Spock returns to the Enterprise, ready to resign his commission and be arrested, but is more than lucky to see Kirk alive. McCoy actually gave him a neural paralyzer that simulated the captain's death.

Errors and Explanations

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Plot Oversights

  1. After Spock "kills" Kirk. McCoy comments that it may seem strange, but the first officer now commands the Enterprise. Does this seem right? Wouldn't Starfleet have some sort of regulation prohibiting the acquisition of command by assassination? Spock is the most qualified - or he would be if Kirk was actually dead! (If Kirk was actually dead, Spock would probably remain in command until a permanent replacement can be selected.)

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Character error

  1. Councilwoman T'Pau makes many grammatical mistakes with the word "thee," when "thou" would be the correct pronoun. This could be a matter of personal choice on her part, especially as the dictionary defines the word thee as an 'archaic or dialect form of you, as the singular object of a verb or preposition'.


  1. Spock drops his pen onto the table in his quarters. The next shot shows Kirk holding his wrist and holding the pen. Kirk probably picked it up.

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  1. Justin ODonnell on Saturday, March 06, 2004 - 5:16 pm: If Kirk had to go to the cerimonies on Altair VI, rather then disobey orders, couldn't he have let Spock take a shuttlecraft to Vulcan? The Enterprise could continue on its merry way to Altair VI without delay and rendezvous with Spock when he finished his business on Vulcan. (Did Kirk think that given Spock's condition, that Spock would be incapable of piloting a shuttle?) Benn on Sunday, March 07, 2004 - 7:16 am: Vulcan may have been too far away for a shuttle flight. That's always been my assumption.

Ex Astris Scientia

  1. In light of the long time that humanity already knows the Vulcans, and especially of the events in Star Trek Enterprise, it doesn't make sense that no one, not even McCoy, would be familiar with pon farr and plak tow, and that there would not even be anything in the database about it. But we really shouldn't blame the original episode for that problem, although arguably at least *something* should be known about Vulcan reproduction at that time, and if only sketchy. The details may have been stricly classified
  2. Also, the events on Vulcan should have political or personal consequences for Spock and Kirk because Vulcan is a Federation member planet. And since Kirk explicitly mentioned that he couldn't back out in front of T'Pau of Vulcan, wouldn't she be particularly annoyed that she was fooled, especially since it was her who requested the diversion of the Enterprise to Vulcan, thereby retroactively justifying Kirk's decision not to follow his orders to head for Altair VI? Alas, the pivotal events in this episode, which would have necessitated a follow-up, will never even be alluded to again. T'Pau most likely decided the logicall course of action was to adhere to the philosophy of 'least said, soonest memded'.

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