Just as Riker returns from a visit to the scientist Dr. Nel Apgar who is working on generating Krieger waves, the space station with the laboratory explodes, killing Apgar. As Apgar's wife, Manua, claims that Will tried to seduce her and apparently a phaser beam was fired at the reactor core from Will's position during his beam-out, he is now accused of having murdered Apgar. While the conflicting testimonies are reconstructed on the holodeck, including Apgar's whole science lab, unknown periodic energy bursts hit the ship. Eventually this is the proof that Riker is not guilty and that Apgar actually fired himself. In fact, the energy bursts are Krieger waves, generated by the holographic reconstruction of Apgar's reactor which interacts with a field generator on the planet that recharges and emits in fixed intervals. The first burst showed a short delay, exactly the time Apgar's energy beam needed to reach Riker's confinement beam, from where it was reflected to the reactor core and thereby destroyed the station.

Errors and Explanations

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Character error

  1. In Manua's version of events, Riker paraphrases the story of Rapunzel, but how would she know a human fairytale if she's an alien? Her species may have become aware of human fairy tales thtough their contact with the Federation.

Plot holes

  1. Krag points to the sensor logs that show an energy discharge from Riker's position to the science station's generator. Krag claims that Riker fired a phaser just as he beamed out. No one disputes this. But in The Most Toys O'Brien can tell that a phaser has been fired just before transport. Surely he could read Riker's weapon as well, and that would be evidence as to whether Riker fired at all. The readings could have been too distorted to be of any use as evidence, especially with the power drain on Enterprise, and the explosion destroying the station.Keith Alan Morgan (Kmorgan) - Nit Central - on Monday, July 23, 2001 - 2:16 am: For all we know the ability to determine that someone is firing a weapon while in transport (seen in The Most Toys) may have been added after A Matter of Perspective. For all we know Riker may have suggested the function be added. (Good old Will Riker, he wouldn't want anybody to be falsely accused of a crime.;-)
  2. While Riker is cleared of the charge of murder, the report of attempted rape from Apgar's wife, Manua, isn't mentioned further. This was probably deemed to be a fraudulent accusation.
  3. One of the minor points in dispute is where Riker and LaForge planned to spend the night; Mrs. Apgar's testimony indicates that Riker invited himself as a guest on the station. Riker's testimony, however, indicates that he had already made arrangements for planetside accommodations, and a record of such arrangements should exist. Dr. Apgar could have wiped the record of the arrangements, as part of his plan to discredit Riker.

Nit Central

  1. Keith Alan Morgan (Kmorgan) on Monday, July 23, 2001 - 2:16 am: How exactly did O'Brien know that the station exploded, I don't remember seeing him watching a viewscreen? (Secret surveillance technique? More proof that O'Brien is in Section 31?) The transporter console could have displayed a warning that the destination had exploded during transport.

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